My Restaurant Marketing Strategies Book is for Sale in Amazon Now

Today was a very intense day.

First, I had a very interesting interview/conversation with Jenna Lloyd. She is an online marketing consultant and copywriter who just launched a very interesting offer for restaurant owners and managers. It is is called My Internet Manager and it is basically a hands off approach to online marketing aimed to restaurant owners and managers.

So we talk for 1 hour and 15 minutes about online marketing, how to use social media to promote your restaurant and know what people are talking about your business, etc.

You can listen for free to the complete audio interview here:

At the end of the recording, she made a very generous offer to all my readers. You can find more information about her product and a very generous discount offer here:

If you would like to subscribe to her restaurant online marketing offering, you can enter the following discount code (when you are in the shopping cart): 88F8D2 and you’ll receive a discount of $200!!

But that’s not all; while I was talking to Jenna, the UPS truck came and dropped off 30 author copies of my new Restaurant Marketing Strategies book. To my surprise, a friend told me that it is already available in Amazon. com and Barnes & Noble online.

You can find (and hopefully purchase) the book here:

and here:

The book came out pretty good. It contains really valuable and logical marketing strategies to help you improve your restaurant marketing (and business!). Check it out.

Now, I need a rest to enjoy the long (and rainy) weekend.

Happy meals,
Jose L Riesco
©Riesco Consulting Inc.



One thought on “My Restaurant Marketing Strategies Book is for Sale in Amazon Now

  1. subbablog

    I read this book, it’s a good book to have if you are a restaurant owner.

    We at Sterizon are trying to take restaurant marketing to a whole new level. Unlike online businesses, for restaurants, all of their customers are at the place of the business. Why not tap into the potential of all these customers and use it grow your brand name both online and offline?

    We offer businesses WiFi handheld Sterizon wiZit devices, which brings all customer data collection (for email lists, surveys, reviews, twitter following, facebook fan etc) right to the customers dining table.

    You let the customer signup for your online marketing efforts (like email, SMS, twitter, facebook etc) during their checkout process. This approach works great for casual and fine dining restaurants, where customers come to sit down and have a relaxed dinner.

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