Are You Stuck Repeating the Same Marketing Mistakes?

mistake.jpg There is a simple yet often ignored rule: “If you are doing something that it’s not working, it still won’t work if you do more of the same.”

If you are investing in marketing and yet your restaurant is not getting the clients that you are expecting, obviously your marketing is not working for you. Sometimes-marketing techniques that used to work, don’t anymore. This could be because the marketplace is changing (more people are looking for restaurants online and ignoring the old fashion ads in radio, magazines, newspapers, etc.) and because everybody ends up using the same techniques and your message gets lost in the sea of marketing bombardment that people receive.

So what can you do to stand out? How can you get your message through?

Well, to start, you must evaluate what you are doing now and track every single marketing expense to see whether they are working for you or not. If they work and they bring you more money than you spend on the marketing, great, keep on doing it. If, on the other hand, you see that your investment is not worth it (or not trackable that it’s pretty much the same), then you must eliminate it and look for an alternative marketing strategy that works for you.

Also, it won’t hurt if you come up with some new marketing ideas to separate your restaurant from your competitors instead of repeating the same marketing that everybody else is doing.

And don’t make the mistake of reducing your restaurant marketing because of the crisis. On the contrary, this is the time to promote your place like crazy. If all your competitors cut down their marketing and you increase yours, guess who will be remember by the customers? That’s right your restaurant.

I know that you are busy people, running the daily routines, and you probably don’t have much time to sit and think about great marketing strategies. I understand, I’ve been there, but then it is critical for the success of your restaurant that you plan and implement great marketing techniques that you can track and evaluate.

They will make the difference between a full restaurant or an empty one.

Now plan some time and think about your marketing strategies. Don’t procrastinate this important task.

Good luck and Happy meals,

Jose L Riesco
©Riesco Consulting Inc.



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