Investing in Restaurant Marketing

Investment.jpgMarketing is one of the key ingredients in your restaurant success. It is the vehicle that lets people know that your restaurant exists (if they’ve never been there), or reminds them that you are a great place to go and have a great experience (if they’ve visited your place before but forgot about you).

However, marketing can also be an incredible source of expenses and a bad return of your investment if you are not careful how you expend your marketing budget.

You should think about marketing not as an expenditure but as an investment so you should treat it with the same care that you would treat your regular investments. For example, you wouldn’t invest your money with a financial institution and then never check back the results of your investments would you? I don’t think so.

However, many restaurateurs invest money in marketing blindly. They buy advertisement, ads and promotions, and never bother checking if they make a profit in all these marketing investments.

Think about marketing as you would think about your investments. Study the possibilities and track and analyze the results of your marketing investments. If a marketing investment is positive, keep on doing it. If not, cut your loses and move your money into a new, more profitable marketing investment. By doing this, not only you’ll know that your marketing works, but you will see a tenfold increase in your restaurant sales and performance.

Happy marketing,
Jose L Riesco
©Riesco Consulting Inc.


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