Offering a Consistent Experience to Your Restaurant Clients

One of the things that people really like and expect in a business is consistency.

Think about it. Imagine that each time that you want to buy a book in you’ll find a different User Interface or a different buying experience. You soon will get frustrated and abandon the site.

The same thing happens with restaurants. I don’t know how many restaurant reviews I read where the theme was always the same: “My husband and I went to the XXXX restaurant for the second (or third) time. We had a great experience in our previous visit, but this last time was horrible. The service ignored us, or the food was very late, or not good enough, etc. We won’t be going back any time soon…”

Does this sound familiar to you? Because people expect consistency, if they had a previous great experience, they expect to have a good experience every single time that they go to a restaurant, and they get very disappointed if they don’t.

For the same reason, if their first experience is not good, people expect that each time they go to the same restaurant, they will have the same experience. Consistency is also in the mind for the negative.

So what can you do to provide your clients with a consistent excellent dinning experience? To start with, you must have good and properly trained staff working for you. Turnover is one of the major causes of inconsistencies since new people need to be trained and have a ramp up curve. High turnover is a sign of employee unhappiness with the working environment.

Also, you must have clear processes defined.

From the moment somebody picks up the phone to make a reservation to the goodbye when they leave your place, you should have clear and defined policies about how to greet and treat your customers, how and when to handle and deliver the food, etc.

If you don’t deliver a consistently great dinning experience, your business will be leaking customers and you will have to deal with bad reviews in social media networks and restaurant review sites. You don’t want to do that.

Happy meals,
Jose L Riesco
©Riesco Consulting Inc.

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