How Microsoft’s New Search Engine Impact Your Restaurant

In case that you don’t know yet, Microsoft is releasing a new search engine called Bing next week. So why should you care?

Because it will have direct implications about how people look for information, or should I say, how they receive the information.

This applies specially to restaurant information. Bing is specially good at packaging and presenting information in a more meaningful way.

Take a look at this Bling’s screenshot below (Notice that it says Kumo instead of Bling because Kumo was the internal Microsoft beta name for Bling)


You can see that when a user looks for a restaurant, it receives all the information, including the kind of cuisine, average price, reviews and a scorecard.

This should be great news for your restaurant if your customers are happy with your food and service and they write great reviews. It won’t be so great if you are missing any of the essential ingredients (and I am not talking about food here) to make your restaurant stand out from your competitors.

So what can you do? Actually nothing related to influencing the search. The only think that you can do is to make sure that your restaurant is top notch in all its aspects: great food, impeccable service, nice and clean facilities and some great ambience won’t hurt either.

If you provide your customers a memorable dinning experience, they will rave about your place and write great things about your restaurant. If not, your place will be penalized and no matter how much you spend in advertising, trying to improve your image, people will read what other people write about your restaurant.

In these days where social networking and social opinions are more important than ever, focusing on the basics and exceeding your customers expectations are the best strategies that you can have.

You can check a preview of Bing here:

Happy meals,
Jose L Riesco

©Riesco Consulting Inc.

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