Using Twitter for Marketing and PR


I’ve just stumbled upon an interesting site called: How to Use Twitter for Marketing and PR. You can find it here:

So did you go and got the nice message? Yes, I was also surprised when I saw it. I was actually looking for more content…

In any case, I can sympathize with the message. Many people abuse Twitter to just get followers without caring if they are relevant or even reading their follower’s tweets at all.

Did you get any of these emails:

  • How to Go Viral with Twitter,
  • Get Thousands of Twitter Followers in 10 days,
  • etc.?
  • I am getting them all the time. Some people are using these techniques to get followers like crazy without any concern for the quality of their followers. They just want quantity. Of course, these are not in my list of people whom I follow.

Accumulating thousands (or tens of thousands) of followers on Twitter might look impressive initially, but the real measure of success is to see how engaged your followers are.

If you are using Twitter to promote your restaurant, how many people come to your restaurant because of a promotion that you’ve tweeted? How many people RT (re-Tweet) your posts or offers to other people, and comment directly back to you with @ replies? This is how you measure the success of your tweets and followers.

Twitter could be a great marketing tool if used with common sense and moderation. Yes, you can successfully use it to promote your business, despite the message in how to use twitter for marketing and PR. Use Twitter to post interesting and relevant information and offers for your followers, and not only they will come to your restaurant, but also they will be following your posts.

On the other hand, if you use Twitter to promote your own agenda, or to just accumulate thousands of irrelevant followers who will follow about anybody in autopilot, your Tweets will get diluted in the noise of Tweet-land and nobody will care. It is better to have a few devoted followers than thousands of irrelevant and uninterested people. Just remember to offer your followers valuable information each time you tweet, and soon you will be rewarded with relevant and happy followers who will be reading and following your posts with interest.

Happy tweeting,

Jose L Riesco
©Riesco Consulting Inc.

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