Do You Greet Your Customers?

I’ve read in Twitter today a post from somebody complaining that fewer and fewer restaurant managers come around to the tables greeting people after their meal is over.

Do you? Do you approach your customers and engage in some conversation with them after they are done with their meals?

If you dont, you should. You see? One advantage of owning a small restaurant is that you can become more personal with your clients. People like to be recognized and your role as a restaurant owner or manager is to give them what they like. Big restaurant chains can’t afford to be personal with their customers and this is a weakness that you can use to your advantage.

Spend a few minutes of your busy schedule every day and greet the people eating at your place. Introduce yourself to the new customers at the end of their meals and greet your regular clients. Ask them about their dinning experience, ask them about their families (if they are regulars), ask them for feedback about their meal, about your place…

People love attention, and by spending a few moments of your time giving them that attention, you will make them feel special.

They will pay you back that small attention time a hundredfold.

Good luck,

Jose L Riesco
©Riesco Consulting Inc.

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