Your Worst Enemy

Dear restaurateur,

Do you know who your worst enemy is?

No, I am not talking about a person here. I hope that you don’t have any personal enemies.

No, it is not the economic crisis or the lack of customers either, or even the crazy busy schedule that you have every day to keep the business running…

Your worst enemy is…


Yes, even in this bad economy, there are many things that you can do to improve your business. There are many marketing techniques that cost almost nothing and can help you bring happy clients over and over to your place, but the question is, are you doing anything about it?

Just by being my subscriber, you have access to a wealth of free marketing information: my blogs, the monthly newsletters, the 20 Q&A videos, and the Restaurant Marketing Strategies E-Book summary.

You can learn a lot about marketing techniques that cost nothing or very little, you can start implementing some of the ideas right away… but would you?

Inertia is a powerful force. It is very difficult for us to change our habits. Even when we know that we should do something, more often than not we don’t take any action, because it is just too much work.

You see? I am not immune to the inaction. I was thinking about redoing my website for a while now, but it just took too much effort. When you have a website with lots of files, links, documents, etc. each change can alter the whole and users can find dead pages so I was very hesitant to make any changes at all because of the fear to screw things up.

So yesterday and today decided to do a make over and I did it. I’ve tried to make things easier for you, make the free information more available so that you can benefit from it without expending any money. I moved the blog to the main page, moved the subscription form to the right side, and eliminated all the sales pitch. I want my site to be a great resource of restaurant marketing information for you.

Another action that I am trying to take is to post more blog entries more often. Since now I have my blog as my main site, if I don’t post more often, it will disappoint anybody who is coming to my site looking for new information and fresh ideas. Some times, the best way to conquer inaction is to commit to a deadline or to a project. In this way, you are then responsible and committed to do it.

This is why it works best also when you have to pay for information instead of getting it for free. If you invest, let say $97 in my book, or $37 in my Referral System in a box (you can check both products by clicking on the on the Products Link on the top burgundy bar), you will feel more obligated to follow through and do something to improve your marketing.

But, whatever you chose to do, please, please go to and read the blogs. I will blog at least three times a week so you can keep on coming to look for new content this often. If you prefer, you can subscribe to my blogs by clicking on the “Subscribe to my RSS Feed” link (located on the upper-right side).

So now go ahead, visit my website and start reading the free blogs. I also encourage you to leave comments so that other restaurateurs can benefit from your wisdom and experience. To leave a comment, just click on the “Comments” link, it will take you to the Blogger page where you can write your comments.

Thank you for reading and have a great day,

Jose L Riesco

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