Converting Prospect Into Loyal Restaurant Clients

Every time a new person walks in the door, your front of the house personnel (hostess or servers) should have been trained by you to approach them and ask them if this is their first time in your restaurant.

“Is this your first time in our restaurant?  Well let me tell you about us…”

Ask your staff to pitch about the restaurant, about you, how did you started, where did you get the recipes, anything that it’s personal and differentiates your restaurant from your competitors (and by the way, this is the perfect place to pitch your Unique Selling Proposition to your potential and future clients.)

The purpose of this buyer education is to create brand loyalty. Once your clients build a relationship with your restaurant, they are more likely to visit your place than your competitor’s. 

By knowing more about you and your business, you personalize their relationship and their loyalty with your restaurant.

This is why it’s also a good idea to have an online (or printed) quarterly or bimonthly newsletter so that you can give your clients interesting information about your place, your staff and your cuisine.

Jose L Riesco
© Riesco Consulting Inc.

One thought on “Converting Prospect Into Loyal Restaurant Clients

  1. Robyn

    How about this?
    Cheap advertising to Bring back more Frequent Customers.
    Check Presenter Media has a Mini billboard space allowing Restaurant owners to efficiently market to their customers. Our Check Presenters are used to Promote restaurants upcoming happenings, a new chef, a new dish, promotions, holiday menus or dates, other restaurants they may operate, the bar/lounge or whatever they would like current customers to be aware of in order to have them return quicker and with more frequency.

    We also have a Calculator in Our Check Presenters: Our built-in calculator makes our CP the new and improved kind of CP. This is a better product for every establishment. Wait Staff likes it, no more customers asking them to split bills, and Customers LOVE it, its fun and makes figuring out tips or bill splits a breeze. Restaurant owners Save $$$ too. There will be less of a need to print hundreds of postcards per week, which is not cost effective. This is a very eco-friendly way of doing business.

    Lastly No Visa, Master Card or Amex Logo:
    They are NOT really “FREE”

    CC Usage = Additional FEES

    **”73% of all restaurant goers (including bars and lounges) know how they are going to pay before they walk in the doors of your establishment” (Source: *Visa/MC merchant services)

    This leaves a whopping 27% undecided. Restaurants want to do all they can to influence these 27% to pay by cash.

    When visiting our site ( ), please see the EZ tip EZ Split portion of the site. There you will see all information for restaurants to purchase these Check Presenters. We also have an option to get them for free as well, with an outside advertiser in the “mini billboard space”.
    The company behind the project
    Thoughts or interests?

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