Using Online Social Networking to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

Brenda Segna writes in her blog about using MySpace to attract young customers to a Pizza place.

Some restaurant owners (check out these ones: and as an example) created a MySpace site to promote their businesses.

MySpace is a social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos for teenagers and adults. It is a very music oriented social networking site so teens and young adults constitute the majority of its 120 million members (yes, you read this right One Hundred Million Members!).

As you can imagine, if you have a restaurant targeted to the younger crowd (pizzerias a prototypical example), your message can find them easier if you advertise in the places where they “hang out”. In this case is a virtual hang-out but as valid as the physical world one for marketing purposes.

Creating a MySpace page is free and relatively easy (although the two examples that I gave you have been designed by professionals) so you may want to consider it. There is also the ability to add background music, blogs, etc.

Check out and give it a try. You never know if it will bring you lots of new customers.

Happy Networking,

Jose L Riesco
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One thought on “Using Online Social Networking to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant

  1. menuaddict

    Restaurant owners can also post a complete restaurant profile on
    You can Add your logo, menu, existing website and detailed information about your establishment. Also People can search and browse by city, state & zip code. I welcome any restaurant owner to give it a shot. The above features are completely free. Thank you!

    Timothy R. Walton
    Chief Technical Officer
    Skywalk Media

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