I’m getting really frustrated now.

After more than a week after I sent the application to get my Merchant account ready (from and not hearing from them, I pickup the phone and call on Friday to check the status of my application.

A lady took the call and told me that they were waiting for me to send them information regarding my web site, as well as the price of my product (online Seminar) and a copy of my driver’s license.

I told them that I faxed all that information last Tuesday. After a few minutes of looking around, she found the fax with the information. “So it looks like everything is fine now, the lady who takes care of the applications is off today so you should be able to have this done by Monday”.

I was expecting to launch this past weekend so I voiced my frustration to her and she told me that she will do “everything I can so that it’s ready today”.

Of course nothing else happened last Friday. This morning (Monday 7th.) at 8am Pacific time I called again.

They asked me about my company name, etc. and told me “We are missing your driver’s license copy as well as information regarding pricing from your web site…”

I tried to be calm. I told this knew person that I already had this conversation last Friday, that I faxed all that information to them last Tuesday and that they should have -for sure- all the needed information since they found it last time.

After 5 minutes hold, she told me that she found the information so that now all the requirements are complete and she will forward this information to the bank and “hopefully in two to three business day, you’ll have your merchant account approved”.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I told the lady that on Friday I was told that today I should be good to go. She told me that they will send the information today since it was incomplete before.

At this point, I lost it. I told her that they were sitting on the complete information for almost a week now and they were delaying my application for no reason. She backup and told me that in fact they already submitted all my information and now they were waiting for the bank’s approval. “There is nothing else that we can do to speed up the process” she concluded.

So to make a long story short, I am still waiting patiently for my Merchant account before I can launch and promote my site…

I hope that I can start blogging soon more relevant information.

Jose L Riesco

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