Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Welcome to My Restaurant Marketing Strategies blog,

I will try to write often about issues that interest you.

Of course my time is limited so be patient if you see that I don’t update the blog as often as I would like.

I am still finalizing the web site. The forums are now up and running and I have the basic structure done. I’ve also added this Blog module.

The idea is to use the forums to exchange ideas, information, tips, suggestions, etc. The Forums are your vehicle to communicate with other Restaurateurs. I will be monitoring the Forums periodically answering questions when appropriate, deleting offensive posts, etc.

You can also use the Forums to make suggestions to me about what else we can include in the Web site, give feedback about any of the Seminar modules, or any other ideas that you may have.

There is also a Chat room so if several users are online, they can chat with each other, exchange ideas, etc.

I’ve already added some good free stuff into the Free Downloads section. Please send me ideas and suggestions about what would you like to see here.

Keep on checking the site since it will grow in depth and scope.

Please send me your feedback at

Thank you,

Jose L Riesco
Copyright Riesco Consulting Inc.

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